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Working with designers, businesses, academics and the public to promote innovation

04/19/2012 00:00:00
​Lancaster University is hosting the UK launch of a €4 million EU-funded design project on 8 May.

Led by Imagination Lancaster (Lancaster University) with the Storey Creative Industry Centre as UK partners, the project known as PROUD (or People Researchers and Organisations Using Design for Co-Creation and Innovation) will engage with public authorities, local business, academics and communities to respond to three regional challenges, through innovative co-design processes.

Keynote speaker at the event will be Stéphane Vincent, founder of the French innovation lab La 27e Région, a laboratory for the co-design of public policy.

The first PROUD co-design project will be introduced at this event; a collaboration with Lancashire County Council in partnership with Lancaster City Council to develop a shared aspiration and vision for the Lancaster City Park project, going beyond public consultation through the use of an effective co-design approach.

Lancaster University’s Dr Leon Cruickshank, who will lead PROUD in the UK said: ‘Co-design is an approach which enables a wide range of people to have a creative contribution in the formulation and solution of a problem. Going beyond mere consultation, co-design builds and deepens an equal collaboration between citizens affected by or attempting to resolve a particular challenge’.

The launch will be held in the Imagination Lab (LICA building) at Lancaster University - a new co-design space equipped with advanced rapid prototyping facilities to enable communities to work alongside designers to model and test their ideas for new products, processes and spaces.

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