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Christmas talks at Lancaster City Library

Event Description


The Christmas Talks are the result of a collaboration between Lancaster University’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASS) Enterprise Centre and Lancaster City Library:

Taking place over three days there will be six  free talks on a wide variety of topics:

11th December
3:30pm – Professor Simon Bainbridge - Literature and Mountaineering in the Romantic Period
4:00pm Break
4:10pm –Dr Julia Gillen - Edwardian Postcards to and from Lancaster – A communication

12th December
3:30pm - Dr Liz Oakley Brown - Tudors, Texts and Terror: Literature and History
4:00pm Break
4:10pm - Dr Michael Winstanley - Lancaster Markets: A History

13th December
3:30pm Researcher Taira Amin – The Representation of Mary, Mother of Jesus in the Koran
4:00pm Break
4:10pm Dr Andrew Tate – Angels in Movies, with particular focus on It's a Wonderful Life

Event Location / Date

Start Date: 11/12/2012 15:30
End Date: 13/11/2012 17:00
Location: Lancaster City Library