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Students Perform Shakespeare in Schools

07/15/2011 00:00:00

​Students from Lancaster University have performed the plays of William Shakespeare before pupils from three local high schools. They visited Heysham High School, Morecambe High School and Carnforth High School where they performed an abridged version of all the plays before an audience who previously found Shakespeare inaccessible.

The show covered every single play written by William Shakespeare in a humorous and exciting way including: performing Titus Andronicus as a cookery show; all of the histories as an American football match; and performing Hamlet four times -  in ten minutes, two minutes, ten seconds and then backwards!

Helen Edgar, Head of English at Morecambe High School said: “We had loads of positive feedback from the students; they really enjoyed it and got a lot from it. The students were brilliant. Thank you!”

Linda Gough from Carnforth High School commented: “It was fantastic!”

LUSU Involve’s Schools Partnership Manager Joe Bourne said: “I couldn’t be more proud of the students who delivered this project and it just goes to show how much effort Lancaster University Students are willing to put in to get involved with local schools and the community.

“The students were rehearsing an average of five hours every other day in the month leading up to the shows and it showed in the professionalism and quality of the performance. The students obviously got a lot out of the experience as well as they were able to experience running their own theatre company and take a show on tour: an invaluable experience should any of them want to go into the performing arts upon graduation.”

The shows were made possible through the Student Innovation Fund at LUSU Involve, which has developed a culture of community volunteering at Lancaster University.  This academic year alone, over 400 students have volunteered with 84 schools, benefitting a total of more than 7,700 pupils.