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Lancaster offers first dual PhD in European and Global Studies

11/14/2011 00:00:00
Lancaster University is offering the first ever dual PhD in European and Global Studies together with the University of Siegen in Germany.

Students will graduate with two degrees and pay half fees to each university during the three-year programme of study. They will split their time between both universities but will study in English.

The highly selective dual PhD programme aims to prepare the students for leading positions in  research institutions, international organisations, political foundations, private companies and educational institutions dealing with Europeanisation and globalisation.

Ulrike Zschache from the University of Siegen has now moved to Lancaster University as part of the dual PhD. She said she was attracted to the course because of its international focus.

“My research is all about European integration in a global context, so it’s good to live it in practice by studying in Germany and now here at Lancaster. I’m working on an international European topic so it’s good to have an international background which will help my career, whether in academia or working for a European organisation.“

PhD theses must be focused on European and Global Studies but can be written in any Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences subject area, whether Sociology, Politics, European Studies, History, Linguistics, Cultural Studies or Philosophy.

Ulrike said there were other benefits to studying abroad.

“I also get two PhDs from both the University of Siegen and Lancaster University, pay half the fees and I have to publish in English so that gives me a broader audience for my PhD. I am also improving my English and experiencing a different culture.“

The Programme Directors are Professor Dr Christian Lahusen from the University of Siegen and Dr Sophie Krossa from the Department of European Languages and Cultures at Lancaster University. 

Dr Krossa said: `Apart from carrying out individually supervised thesis work,  PhD candidates take part in annual research workshops jointly organised by both universities and they have the opportunity to attend colloquia, research seminars, conferences and optional courses  at each university.“​​