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University Liftshare scheme - now online

10/01/2002 09:01:46

In response to local traffic and air pollution problems, Lancaster University has set-up a campus liftshare scheme to help the local environment. The system has been designed to encourage and assist people to ask for or offer lifts for regular journeys to and from campus and for the one-off trips between destinations across the country and Lancaster.

Edd Glynn, Angie Chandler and Joe Finney from the Computing Department have developed the web-site from a final year undergraduate project, with funding from the University's Budget Review Group. It replaces the paper, email and Access database system that was set up by Mary Chabrel as a Green Action and Environment Committee project. It is hoped that the scheme will decrease atmospheric pollution and local congestion, whilst also encouraging a sense of community across campus. It is possible to register a request for a lift online at -