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Lectures & Seminars

01/06/2009 09:47:54

Lancaster China Management Centre seminars

20 February How to maximise the business potential of sourcing
materials and goods from China
Peter Broxton, The Consultancy Company

4.00pm, Management School LT 11

For more information, please see:

6 March China in Africa - making connections?
Michael Dyson, Independent Economics and Infrastructure Consultant

4.00pm, Management School LT 11

For more information, please see:

Department of European Languages and Cultures (DELC)
DELC Research Seminar Series – all welcome

11 February The Representation of the 1968 Student Movement in
Mexican Literature

laire Brewster (Newcastle University),

5pm, Bowland North Seminar Room 13

Literacy Research Centre Seminar Series

3 February Members of the centre will introduce new ideas from
interesting conferences they have participated in recently

Julia Gillen will outline the Space-Interaction-Discourse
conference in Aalborg, Denmark and David Barton will report
back on the Linguistic Landscape conference held in Siena, Italy.


Everyone welcome

Holocaust Memorial Day Lecture, Lancaster.

29 January Unspeakable Truths: Hatred and Justice in Chile since
the Pinochet
dictatorship (1973-1990)
David Sugarman

8.00pm, The Dukes, Moor Lane, Lancaster

Department of Management Science
LANCS Initiative Special Seminar

3 February Approximate Dynamic Programming for High-Dimensional
Professor Warren B Powell, Princeton University

10.00am, Management School Lecture Theatre 6

All welcome to attend. For further details please contact Rosemary
Hindley on 592937 or

The Richardson Institute for Peace Studies
Guest Lecture

4 February Kosovo in International Relations after the Declaration
of Independence
Dr Hajredin Kuci, Deputy Prime Minister of Kosovo

6 pm, Elizabeth Livingston Lecture Theatre, Bowland North

Open to everyone. Contact:

Educational Research Departmental Seminar

4 February Evaluative Research In Low Trust Environments – The Iris

Murray Saunders, Linda Pearce, and Liz Saunders

12.30 – 2.00 p.m., IAS Meeting Room 2.

Everyone welcome. For further information, please contact Dee Daglish
01524 592679, or look on the forthcoming
events section of the Department of Educational Research website.

The Lancaster Environment Centre & the Royal Geographical Society NW Region Seminar series

6 February The formation of the Himalaya-Karakoram mountain belt
Prof Mike Searle (Oxford University)

pm, Biol LT, Environmental Science

Please reserve your seat by contacting Tracy Quilliam on 01524 593891 or Places available on the day subject to availability

Department of Accounting & Finance Seminar

6 February Psychoanalytical theory of economic behaviour
Paul Kalyta (University of Ottawa)

2.15pm, LT6, Management School

Visit for further details

Department of Economics Research Seminars

28 January The institutional legacy of the Hapsburg Empire
Professor Sascha Becker, University of Stirling

Teaching Room B38a, ALL WELCOME

4 February Modelling the demand for alcohol: UK survey evidence
Karl Taylor, The University of Sheffield

Teaching Room B38a, ALL WELCOME

11 February Structural breaks in the international transmission of inflation
Denise Osborn, The University of Manchester

4.00pm, Teaching Room B38a, ALL WELCOME

18 February Winning big but feeling no better? The effect of lottery prizes
on physical & mental health
Andrew Clark, PSE, Paris

Teaching Room B38a, ALL WELCOME

25 February The effects of workplace innovation on worker well-being
and the role of unions
Alex Bryson, NIESR

Teaching Room B38a, ALL WELCOME

11 March The ordered switching regimes model: with applications
to health and education
Murray Smith, University of Aberdeen

4.00pm, teac
hing Room B38a, ALL WELCOME

18 March Coordination under the shadow of career concerns
Alexander Koch, Aarhus, Denmark

Teaching Room B38a, ALL WELCOME

Medical and Pharmaceutical Statistics Research Unit Seminar

11 March How I wish I had known THAT when I worked in industry!
Denise Till, Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency

2pm Postgraduate Statistics Centre, Fylde College

For more information, please contact Angela Mercer