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Professor David Morris Lee, Doctor of Science (honoris causa)

12/09/2004 09:41:23

Honorary Degrees

Wednesday, 8th December, 2004

David Morris Lee, one of the great low temperature physicists of modern times, was fortunate as a graduate student to be one of the first to study the rare isotope helium-3, then becoming available as a by-product of the nuclear industry. His work culminated in the co-award of the 1996 Nobel Prize for physics for the discovery superfluidity in liquid helium-3. Ultimately this led to the understanding that the quantum structure of liquid helium-three mimics the structure of space-time itself, an analogy which has long been a major preoccupation of the Lancaster group. Dave Lee has been an influential behind-the-scenes friend of low temperature physics here at Lancaster and his mild, easy-going manner cloaks a decisive and enquiring mind.