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BA Festival of Science 9-13 September

09/03/2002 14:16:13

From 9-13 September the prestigious BA Festival of Science will be taking place at the University of Leicester. The Festival, run by the BA (British Association for the Advancement of Science), is the largest of it's kind in

Europe and will see thousands of visitors coming to hear more than 400 scientists speaking and debating.

The theme for this year is 'Science and the Quality of Life' as chosen by the current president, Sir Howard Newby.

Lancaster University Professors Jonathan Tawn, Peter Diggle and Peter McClintock will be speaking at the event. Professor Tawn, from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics, will speak about the fundamental contribution that statistical analysis made in the High Court Investigation into the cause of the sinking of the MV Derbyshire. The MV Derbyshire sank in 1980 and remains the largest UK ship lost at sea.

Professor Diggle, from the Department of Mathematics and Statistics will be speaking on the assessment of residual contamination of an area following nuclear weapons testing. He will draw upon contamination of a South Pacific island following weapons testing during the 1950s as an example.

Professor McClintock, from the Department of Physics, will be speaking on the rhythms in the blood. This talk will focus on the blood flow in the human body. Peter will discuss how there are not only the rhythms of the heart and breathing within the body, but three slower ones as well. For further details of the event, please click on the following link:-