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Double celebration for twin graduates

07/21/2011 00:00:00

​Identical twins from Preston are celebrating following their graduation from Lancaster University.

21-year-olds James and Mathew Dobson are inseparable; they went to the same school, have the same friends and hobbies and even go on holiday together. 

 Now they have graduated together from university, where James achieved a 1st in Computer Science and Mathew a 2.1 in IT and Media Communications. They even have interviews lined up for similar jobs in web design and development.

Mathew said: “I’d say to anyone thinking of going to university – do it. It’s been really good. You have the time of your life and you get a quality career at the end of it.”

He said he and his brother do everything together, apart from one year apart when James spent his second year studying at North Colorado State University in the US as part of his Lancaster degree.

“We went to the same school, did the same subjects at college, we share mates and saw a lot of each other at university which was a great experience for us both.”

The twins, who live on Cadley Causeway in Fulwood,  both attended Archbishop Temple High School  in Preston before  choosing  Lancaster University.

James said: “We didn’t plan to both go to the same place but it’s a good university and we liked the courses at Lancaster so we both ended up here.  We’ve seen each other on campus and I’ve met his friends and he’s met mine so we like hanging out together.”

Their mother Julie said she was very proud.

“They’re very alike, very competitive and hardworking.  They have loved their time at Lancaster and I’m so pleased they’re graduating together.”