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Documentary on fire in tropical forests

03/13/2013 00:00:00

The use of fire by Amazonian farmers is the topic of five videos launched by researchers at the Lancaster Environment Centre.

Dr Luke Parry and Dr Jos Barlow are the executive producers on the short films which explore fire-use by Amazonian farmers, including the challenges of preventing fires escaping into surrounding forests. The films also examine fire-free alternatives to slash and burn agriculture, including a transition to mechanised farming.

The films contribute to a UK-Brazil research initiative entitled "Human dimensions of wildfires: linking research and environmental education to reduce Amazonian wildfires".

Dr Parry said: “Wildfires have increased dramatically in Amazonia due to agricultural expansion and severe droughts. Forest fires threaten biodiversity and contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. Reducing wildfires is essential to safeguard the future of the Amazon forest and mitigate climate change by reducing carbon emissions.”

The films are available in English and in Portuguese. They were produced in partnership with the Goeldi Museum in Brazil and Tania Cypriano (Viva! Films), and funded by the UK’s Darwin Initiative.