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University partnership in China strengthened

10/16/2006 10:01:01

from left:Liu Ning of BFSU, Prof Liu Peng of BFSU, Prof Alasdair MacBean of LUMS, Dr Jing Zhang of LUMS, Prof Zhong Meisun of BFSU, Prof David Brown of LUMS.
from left:Liu Ning of BFSU, Prof Liu Peng of BFSU, Prof Alasdair MacBean of LUMS, Dr Jing Zhang of LUMS, Prof Zhong Meisun of BFSU, Prof David Brown of LUMS.

Lancaster University has played host to a delegation from one of its partner institutions, Beijing Foreign Studies University in China, in a move to boost joint activity with all LU faculties.

Beijing Foreign Studies University (BFSU) is one of the most reputable universities in China and its excellence in foreign languages means it produces many graduates who work in the government, international relations and the media.

The delegation comprised Prof Zhong Meisun, Vice President for Teaching Affairs and International Relations, Prof Liu Peng, Deputy Director for International Exchange and Cooperation, and Liu Ning, Director of Personnel.

They toured the campus, met staff from different departments and attended presentations about international programmes.

A total of 83 undergraduates from BFSU have studied at Lancaster University since the two institutions paired up in 2001. Of the 83, 63 students spent a year at BFSU followed by 3 years at Lancaster while 20 split their time with 2 years at each university. Degrees in Accounting and Finance and Business Studies at Lancaster University Management School (LUMS) were the most popular.

rof David Brown, Director of the Lancaster China Management Centre, said: “We were delighted to be able to reinforce the relationship with BFSU in our discussions with the delegation. We value the partnership and the high quality students recruited to the Management School through these collaborative programmes. We were especially pleased that First Class Honours awards in accounting, finance and management have been made to three students from their Foundation programme.We look forward to exploring further ways in which we can collaborate with this important University."

Terry Bray, Lancaster University’s Overseas Programme Officer, said the aim is to enrol not just undergraduates but postgraduates from BFSU. There are also plans to deliver joint programmes, exchange staff and publish joint research.

“We’re trying to expand what we do together. We’d like to increase the range of courses that the BFSU students take at Lancaster and, if possible, send students from Lancaster University to China on a summer school.”

Ten per cent of the fees paid by BFSU students in their first year’s study at Lancaster is set aside for staff development programmes aimed at BFSU academics who wish to come to at Lancaster University.

“This is a good development because it brings staff here and the connection grows stronger.”

BFSU is one of Lancaster University’s two partner institutions in China. The other one is Guangdong University of Foreign Studies.