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Sustainable leadership high on management agenda

03/23/2009 16:40:49

Climate change, inequalities in global social justice, uncertain energy futures and a wide range of related issues hit the headlines on a daily basis. Many people want to develop more sustainable societies, but social practices and organisational systems are highly resistant to change.

A new programme from Lancaster University Management School will investigate what kinds of leadership are needed to address sustainability challenges and, drawing on the school’s expertise in leadership development and the wealth of sustainability experts available at the University, will help participants develop their leadership practice, understanding and impact.

The MA in Leadership for Sustainability, which will welcome a new cohort in May each year, will explore the theories and practices relevant to leadership and sustainability, encourage participants to implement changes in their workplaces and communities, and help them to develop careers in the sector.

The MA programme is designed for people who are already convinced of the need to develop a more sustainable society, and are looking for ways to lead this change by putting their convictions into practice. The programme will include:

· Exploration of theories and practices relating to leadership and change forsustainability

Programme Co-Director Professor Judi Marshall said:

“The programme is for people who recognise the need to address climate change, sustainability, social justice and corporate responsibility and who want to take leadership on these issues. The programme will enable them to act for change in a systemically-aware way, using action research as a basis for developing their understanding and practice. They will engage in learning projects within their organisations or professional fields throughout the programme, and will be coached to work strategically, paying attention to issues of power and organisational culture.”

The two-year, part-time programme is delivered by a series of workshops; four at Lancaster University Management School, two at residential centres and two online.

The workshops incorporate key themes of leadership, systemic thinking, change, power, diversity, social justice and action research, and work with case studies relating to sustainability challenges and organisational change initiatives.

The MA is grounded in principles and practice of action research. Participants choose their own learning projects tailored to their interests, and each completes a series of learning papers, a group project and dissertation to qualify for the MA. More information about the programme is available at