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Lancaster University Establishes Catalonian Connections

06/09/2003 16:52:03

Lancaster University is establishing connections in Catalonia thanks to the work of members of staff in the Department of European Languages and Cultures.

As part of the "Peripheral Identities" research project, which is investigating European minority cultures and languages, Dr Frederic Barberà is spending a sabbatical year in Barcelona, one aim of which is to gain publicity for courses and research in Catalan Studies at Lancaster.

The Department of European Languages and Cultures is attracting an increasing number of Catalan-speaking students who wish to conduct research into their region and culture whilst studying in Britain. The Department also plays host to a Lector in Catalan who is funded by the Catalan government to teach Catalan to Lancaster undergraduates.

Response in Catalonia has been enthusiastic, with a major regional newspaper recently highlighting the work of Dr Barberà and his colleague Dr Kathryn Crameri and thanking them for participating in the debate surrounding the region's linguistic, cultural and political identity.

After the recent publication of a special issue of the journal National Identities containing selected proceedings from a conference on "Peripheral Identities in the Iberian Context" held at the University in 2001, the department is planning a second conference in 2004 and will be expanding their research to take in the rest of Europe.