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Lectures and Seminars

10/04/2007 10:07:23

Literacy Research Centre Seminar Series

6 November Writing on Web2: Multilingual uses of Flickr
and the development of new vernacular practices
David Barton, Lancaster University

Everyone welcome

Accounting and Finance Research Seminars

7 November Mandatory IFRS Reporting around the World: Early
Evidence on the Economic Consequences" (with L Hail,
C Leuz and R Verdi)

Holger Daske (University of Mannheim)
3.30pm in Lecture Theatre 2 or 6 in the Management School

please e-mail
prior to the seminar for confirmation of the venue

Department of European Languages and Cultures

DELC Research Seminar Series

Michaelmas term:

7 November The National Theatre in Question: Proliferation and
differentiation of French National Theatres 1968-2007
David Whitton, Lanacaster University
1.00pm, IAS MR2

21 November The Poetics of Politics, the Politics of Poetry: Utopia
and Creation
Ben Bollig, Leeds University

Lent term:

30 January Camus, Certeau, Colonialism
John Strachan, History Department, Lancaster University
5.00pm, IAS MR1

13 February Delirium in the Thought of Maria Zambrano
Bea Caballero, Stirling University
5.00pm, IAS MR1

27 February Genet's aesthetics
Carl Lavery, Theatre Studies, Lancaster University
5.00pm, IAS MR1

12 March The palimpsestic architecture of Williams Sassine’s
Mémoire d’une peau
Charlotte Baker, Lancaster University
5pm, IAS MR1

Summer term:

23 April Survival in Language: Poetry in the State of Exception
Cornelia Grabner, Lancaster University
1.00pm, IAS MR3

7 May Sophie Krossa, Lancaster University
1.00pm IAS MR3

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