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Lectures and Seminars

10/02/2006 12:16:17

Department of Politics & IR Michaelmas Term Seminar Series

1 November “Micro-Practices of Security: the case of kidnap
and ransom insurance”
Luis Lobo-Guerrero, Politics and IR, Lancaster
4 – 6 pm, Frankland Colloquium Room

8 November “Political Change in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf”
Prof. Gerd Nonneman, Politics and IR, Lancaster
4 – 6 pm, Frankland Colloquium Room,
Faraday Building

15 November Film screening: Wall (France/Israel, 2004) (97 min)
4 - 6 pm, Frankland Colloquium Room, Faraday Building

"Wall is a cinematic meditation on the
Israeli-Palestinian conflict in which the filmmaker
blurs the lines of hatred by asserting her double
identity as Jew and Arab".

Directed by Simone Bitton

22 November “Promoting Economic Liberalization in Post-Civil
War States: Building Peace or Fostering Instability?”
Prof. Caroline Hartzell, Associate Professor of
Political Science, Gettysburg College, USA
In association with the Richardson Institute
4 – 6 p.m, Frankland Colloquium Room

29 November “Monumental cock-up": Reviewing State-building
strategies in Iraq 2003-2004”
Robert Smith, Politics and IR, Lancaster
4-6pm, Frankland Colloquium Room

6 December “Unrecognized States: Shadow economies,
democratisation and hopes for independence”
Dr. Nina Caspersen, Politics and IR, Lancaster
4-6pm, Frankland Colloquium Room

13 December Film screening: Underground (Yugoslavia, 1995).
(167 min) 3 - 6pm Frankland Colloquium Room

"An unpredictable black comedy with an epic scope,
Emir Kusturica's highly acclaimed Underground
takes a look at the modern history of Yugoslavia
through the often absurd misadventures of two
friends over several decades".

Directed by Emir Kusturica

The Ruskin Polygon
The Ruskin Seminar Series for 2006-2007

Programme for the Michaelmas Term 2006
(12th October – 14th December)

The seminars are held every Thursday, 4pm – 6pm in the Quiet Room, Lancaster University Chaplaincy Centre.


2 November: Francis O’Gorman: ‘Ruskin and Fame’.

9 November: Aonghus Gordon: ‘Ruskin Today at Ruskin Mill’.

16 November: The Mikimoto Memorial Ruskin Lecture: George
Levine: ‘Ruskin and Darwin: The Matter of Science’.
This lecture will take place at 6.30 in the Cavendish
Lecture Theatre (please note change of time and
venue. Please also note that Reading Week will now
be in Week 7).

23 November: READING WEEK (no seminar).

30 November: Rosemary Hill: ‘Pugin and Ruskin’.

7 December: Kate Newey: ‘Ruskin, “Traffic” and the Stage’.

14 December: Brian Ingram: ‘Ruskin, Gladstone and Scotland’.