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University offers business chemicals advice

06/12/2007 10:21:14

Lancaster University is gearing up to help businesses make sense of new chemicals legislation which applies to everything from perming lotion to slug pellets.

On June 28, Lancaster University launched a new centre to help North West-based chemical users and producers comply with a new European law known as REACH which hit the UK this month.

Described as the most important EU legislation for 20 years, REACH stands for Registration, Evaluation and Authorisation of Chemicals. It aims to ensure chemicals which are harmful to human health or the environment are no longer available in Europe, spurring the chemicals sector into researching and developing more new products.

The Reach Centre, based in the University’s Environment Centre, will offer a one-stop-shop to any business using, producing or importing chemicals into the European Community

The legislation is expected to have a considerable impact on businesses across the North West, home to a large portion of the UK’s chemicals industry.

From this month all chemical manufacturers and importers will have to ensure every chemical they produce is registered and tested. Any chemical which doesn’t make the grade will have to be scrapped.

Where chemical products are withdrawn this could have an effect further down the line – businesses which use chemicals in their products may find some of their key ingredients have been withdrawn, forcing them to find alternatives and reformulate their products.

Professor Kevin Jones of Lancaster University’s Centre for Chemicals Management said: “The University is in a very strong position to offer advice in this area. The University has a wealth of knowledge and experience in chemicals management which can be of use to businesses, particularly in the light of the REACH legislation.”

The REACH centre was funded in part by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund.

For further information on the launch of the REACH Centre and proposed services contact 07739 899 843.