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Nuffield Theatre - Reckless Sleepers, A House on a Hill

02/04/2004 16:34:18

Reckless Sleepers will be making a welcome return to Lancaster University’s Nuffield theatre on Tuesday 10th February with their new show A House On A Hill.

Formed in 1989 Reckless Sleepers have toured extensively throughout the UK and continental Europe with their own brand of devised theatre.

A house on a hill was written in airports, on planes, on the train and in the gaps in between travelling to and from cites, performances, meetings and projects.

A house on a hill in Belgium was presented as a commission for the Limelight Theatre Kortrijk as part of their Anno Twee (2002) celebrations and festival called Buda eye land.

A house on a hill is a monologue featuring Tim Ingram. Written by Artistic Director Mole Wetherell the piece does not rely on the typical elements used in the larger-scale Reckless Sleepers theatre presentations.

A house on a hill concentrates instead on the development of a text and the layers of personal and global narratives within that text.

A house on a hill is a set of inkblot drawings on white card,

It chronicles the beginning of a relationship, holidays in the sun, journeys backwards and forwards and the time in between.

It’s a set of Rorschach Cards.

It’s a chart of every Mediterranean Island.

A house on a hill is a chart of different journeys; the cards show a set of dogs, a set of islands, a set of city plans, a set of aeroplanes.

The lines tell a set of narratives, a set of memories, a set of music, a collection of journeys, a collection of postcards, and a collection of photos stored in a tin.

This is a house on a hill

This is a house on a hill in Belgium

For review tickets or further information please contact Sarah Nash at The Nuffield Theatre on 01524 594160 or email

Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster University

Tuesday 10th February at 8pm

Box Office 0800 028 3042. Tickets: £7.50, £4.50 concessions