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Lancaster University Alumnus worked for Saddam Hussein

04/10/2003 16:33:00

Dr Gazi George who graduated from the University in 1976 with a PhD in Biology worked as a scientist on Iraq's nuclear research for over five years.

Baghdad born Dr George, 52, met fellow Lancaster University student Linda Rogers originally from Huddersfield while studying for his degree and the two married in 1976. The couple later moved to Iraq, then a much more liberal country, where Gazi began a job at the Iraqi Atomic Energy Commission.

By 1980, Gazi sensed impending danger and sent pregnant Linda and the couple's first-born son Omar, to America to stay with family. He later fled Iraq though Germany.

Dr George commented to a reporter from The Huddersfield Daily Examiner on how he knew Saddam was trying to build a nuclear bomb, and about sinister secrecy surrounding research.

Dr George who now lives in Detroit in America running a chemical and environmental consulting business, was told he would be sentenced to death as a spy, and had threats to kidnap his children.

He told the Huddersfield paper: "Saddam must be destroyed, I saw designs for dirty bombs and nuclear weapons. He simply wants to kill. He is a bad person, a dictator and a ruthless ruler, for the sake of Iraqi children and the pride of the people there this war is justified."