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Relative - Nuffield Theatre production

04/14/2005 10:53:41

The Nuffield Theatre, Lancaster has commissioned performer Niki McCretton and digital artist/composer Kathy Hinde to develop work over nine months with grandparents and grandchildren from Morecambe and Lancaster to discover the crux of their relationships - the differences, expectations, and unforgettable moments that bring them together.

This work culminates in a promenade performance on Sat 23rd April 2005 on Morecambe's seafront, featuring the Grandparents and Grandchildren themselves and other members of the community.

Beginning at Rita’s Café on the seafront the audience have time to gather, have refreshments and share some of the grand-pairing’s experiences through live interludes, short films, writings, questions and some hilarious moments with a microphone. The audience then travel along the Promenade, witnessing subtle and often poignant performances that appear from nowhere and disappear again until arrival at the statue of Eric Morecambe. Here will begin a never-before-seen spectacle – a ballet of a dozen mobility buggies performed by local people and accompanied by a new piece of music performed by the Galloway Choir.

Rita’s Café will remain open during the evening with food available and as a gathering point for the evening event.

At 9.30pm the audience will gather outside the perimeter of the Midland Hotel to witness the projection of a new film which will cover this art-deco façade. The choreographed film sequences will light up the building and transform it with images showing the inside of Morecambe's Winter Gardens. The film reveals the unused, silent state of these two historic buildings, providing a timely record of the town and its inhabitants, but also celebrating their planned restoration with a new future for Morecambe on the horizon.

Promenade Performance - Morecambe Seafront (contact box office for details) Box Office: 01524 594151 Event Coordinator: Alice Booth 01524 594160 Performance 3pm- 4.30pm / Film projections 9.30pm FREE EVENTS