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Student Art Degree Show

06/28/2006 09:39:27

Arts students at Lancaster University are already selling their work commercially with an end-of-year exhibition.

There were long queues to see the dot dot dot exhibition (which was held on 20-28 June) at the Peter Scott Gallery which features painting, drawings, sculpture and installations produced during a three year Fine Art degree at the Lancaster Institute for the Contemporary Arts.

Natalie Heaton, a final year undergraduate, has already sold two paintings in digital media for £100 and £125 to a private collector. She has also got a job lined up as a graphic artist when she graduates this summer.

She said: “I’m so chuffed – when you’ve put them up on the wall you can’t believe they’re sold and it’s a real treat. Selling them isn’t the first thing on your mind when you make them, but it’s great to have made something that other people enjoy so much they want to make it their own.”

Fellow student Sam Davenport, who specialises in drawing, said : “It’s taught me how to discipline myself – I’ve never had to think about framing or presentation before but it’s made me more confident about doing that.”

Installation artist Jennifer Deges said: “It’s great to have your work showing in a professional space and especially in the Gallery.”

The head of the Art Section at LICA, Professor Nigel Whiteley, said the exhibition had gone extremely well.

He said : “It gives the students a good opportunity for showing their work as part of a professional exhibition.”