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Public lectures on background to Iraqi conflict

03/25/2003 15:52:44

Lancaster University's Department of Continuing Education joined with The Dukes Theatre Lancaster to run the first in a series of three special lunchtime lectures which explore the issues that surround the war in Iraq.

To understand more about the cultural, economic and religious circumstances surrounding this controversial war, come along and hear what experts on the subject have to say. There will be plenty of time for questions and discussion at the end of each lecture.

These free lectures will take place at The Dukes on Moor Lane, Lancaster. The third and final lecture is on Friday 11 April from 12.30pm - 1.30pm when Dr Gerd Nonneman, Department of Politics at Lancaster University, will talk about "Iraq: its foundation and development".

The lecturers will not take a pro or anti war stance, but will analyse the background of the current crisis and put it into a historical perspective.

Anyone with an interest in furthering their understanding of the origins of the current conflict is encouraged to come along to the second and third lectures in this series.

Queries or requests for further details should be made to the Department of Continuing Education at Lancaster University on 01524 592623/4