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Young Scientist Award for 2003

05/15/2003 11:31:11

Yani Najman, a new lecturer in the Department of Environmental science at Lancaster University, has won the European Union of Geosciences Outstanding Young Scientist Award for 2003.

Yani's research focuses on developing techniques using sediments as a record of past evolution of the planet.

She joins Lancaster in October and is currently in the School of Geosciences at the University of Edinburgh.

Yani said : "My research investigates the inter-relationship between tectonics, erosion and sedimentation. I utilise syntectonic sediments, preserved in the Himalayan foreland basin, to place constraints on kinematic models of orogenesis, better understand the tectonic influence on basin development, and determine Himalayan evolution in order to constrain its proposed effect on climate change and ocean geochemistry."

Yani received her BSc from Edinburgh, 1986-1990; PhD Edinburgh 1990-1995 and was awarded the Royal Society Dorothy Hodgkin Fellowship : 1995-1999 (Cambridge University, in collaboration with Edinburgh).

She then went on to get a Royal Society International Fellowship : 1999-2000 (University of Calgary, Canada) and her present post of Royal Society of Edinburgh / BP Fellowship.