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Students and Local people invited to think about the environment

10/31/2001 14:17:11

The Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy Lancaster University is continuing the series of open Saturday morning seminars on the theme of 'Thinking About Environment'.

These seminars are intended to bring rigorous thinking to bear on environmental and social issues. On two Saturday mornings each term, at 10.00am, a significant thinker will offer a talk or paper, after which there will be coffee and open discussion.

The meetings will be held in the Furness College Senior Common Room. Furness College is situated to the south of the central Alexandra Square on the main Bailrigg Campus.

We hope that students and local people who are concerned about environmental questions will attend and will engage in learning and discussion together. There is no charge or registration requirement. All that is necessary is to come on the day and be in the Furness SCR by 10.00am.

On Saturday, 10th November, Dr Jean Hardy, Sociologist, author, environmentalist, editor of "GreenSpirit" (the journal of the Association for Creation Spirituality) and psychosynthesis expert will offer a talk and lead a discussion on the question "Can we be at home in the universe?".

On Saturday, 8th December, Professor Peter Whittaker, Head of the Biology Department, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, expert on Genetics and Bio-ethics, will present a paper: "Genetically Modified Organisms: risks and benefits".