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Short Courses

12/01/2006 12:23:29


Embedding academic skills in content courses

Management contributors (ITMOC MSc): Lucas Introna, Niall Hayes, Anja Tim (Management School). Sciences contributors: Robert Blake, Moira Peelo (SLDC) and Nicola Longden (Communication Systems)

20 December, 10.00 - 11.30

Although course content is clearly at the heart of subject discipline courses and programmes, it has become much more apparent in recent years that certain skills and practices related to study also need attention. For this reason, supporting student learning through embedding academic practices within courses has gained more prominence in recent years, particularly, though not exclusively, in the area of writing. This session highlights the work done by colleagues who have built into their curricula, the development of academic practices which are designed to support student learning.

There are two contributions to this session from different departments and faculties. One is from the MSc in ITMOC (Information Technology and the Management of Change) from the Management School and the other describes work in the sciences.

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Centre for e-Science

The following short courses are now available:

C++ Part I - 15th - 16th January 2007: This course is suitable for students, researchers and professionals seeking an introduction to OOP and/or the C++ programming language. It is also relevant to those with some experience of OOP using another language such as Java or Smalltalk who wish to learn C++. The course is particularly suitable for undergraduates wishing to enhance their career opportunities in programming or IT and postgraduate students and researchers who wish to employ OOP as part of their research.

C++ Part II - 22nd - 23rd January 2007: C++ Part II is suitable for students, researchers and professionals seeking to extend their knowledge of the C++ programming language and to learn some advanced OOP techniques. It is the continuation of C++ Part I.

Further information at

To register please e-mail Teresa Wisniewska or phone on 92175.


19 January

The aim of this workshop is to provide a space where social researchers from different disciplines and areas of research can talk about how they evaluate the practices and situations that they study, that is as good, bad, oppressive, empowering, emancipatory, ecologically unsustainable, as tangled mixes of these, etc. In so doing, the aim is to break a taboo in social science on being normative – or on being ‘too normative’. It implies that values, valuations, and well- and ill-being are things we can and should reason about, rather than just private subjective beliefs or states of mind, or products of cultural construction and conditioning, for which no justification can be given.

Speakers Currently Include: Ruth Wodak, Andrew Sayer, Sylvia Walby, Gordon Walker, Betsy Olson

If you would like to contribute as a speaker, or just come along to join the discussion, please contact Andrew Sayer on the e-mail below, thank you.

10.00 - 17.00, Institute for Advance Studies, Meeting Room 3

Lancaster University has successfully won funding from ESRC as part of the Researcher Training Initiative (RTI) for ‘Training Researchers on Ethics and Ethical Practice in Social Science Research.’ Lead by a team of researchers in the Faculty of Social Sciences, the initiative will take place over a period of thirty-six months with workshops being held at three-month intervals as follows:

1) December 2006: Research Ethics as Process I
2) March 2007: Ethics as Practice in UK research Settings I
3) June 2007: Ethics as Practice in Non-UK research Settings I
4) September 2007: Ethics and Research with Vulnerable Groups I
5) December 2007: Ethics in Participatory Research I
6) March 2008: Research Ethics and the Media I
7) June 2008: Research Ethics as Process II
8) September 2008: Ethics as Practice in UK research Settings II
9) December 2008: Ethics as Practice in Non-UK research
Settings II
10) March 2009: Ethics and Research with Vulnerable Groups II
11) June 2009: Ethics in Participatory Research II
12) September 2009: Research Ethics and the Media II

For further details please contact, Dr. Christine Milligan, Institute for Health Research, (Principle Investigator) (, Prof. David Archard, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy (, Prof. Hazel Biggs, School of Law (, Prof. Carole Truman, Department of Health and Social Studies, University of Bolton ( and Dr. Nayanika Mookherjee, Department of Sociology (


SPSS for Windows II (Tuesday/Wednesday, 9th + 10th January 2007)

More courses and how to register, please go to:

There is a course fee of £40.00 for a 2 day course to cover the course materials and refreshments and a fee of £20.00 for a 1 day course. If you require further details, please contact: Angela Mercer, Centre for Applied Statistics, Mathematics and Statistics Department, B32 Fylde College, Ext. 93064, Email: