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Continuing Success for Former Creative Writing Student

10/02/2001 08:30:44

Former Creative Writing PhD student Andrew Millar has been featured in the Independent newspaper (1st September edition) discussing his new book 'Oxygen' published by Sceptre.

Andrew who originally hails from Flax Bourton near Bristol, came to Lancaster University in 1995 after completing a creative writing programme at Middlesex. For those who may remember, Andrew Millar was featured in Inkytext in 1997 when his novel 'Ingenious Pain' which was written for his PhD (published by Sceptre in 1996) won the Impac Literary Award. Andrew has since gone on to write another 18th Century plot in the form of 'Casanova', both publications have been translated into 23 languages.

This latest novel 'Oxygen' apparently moves away from the 18th Century and explores the 20th Century although to quote the Independent, "Casanova has its roots in Ingenious Pain and Oxygen has come out of Casanova". Information from the Independent also suggests that this latest novel is on the long list for this year's Booker Prize.