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Lectures & Seminars

04/01/2009 11:53:48

Literacy Research Centre Seminar Series

28 April The Performativity of Writing in a Public Space: An Ethnography
of Paris Subway Signage
Jérôme Denis and David Pontille
This talk is part of the Alliance Franco-British Research Partnership

1.00 pm in Meeting Room 1, IAS
All welcome.

Royal Institute of Philosophy Public Lecture Series

All events to be held at The Gregson Centre, Moor Lane, Lancaster. Admission free.

29 April Epistemic Justice as an Institutional Virtue
Dr Miranda Fricker, Birkbeck College London



13 May How Will History Judge Us?
Dr Julian Baggini, Guardian columnist



27 May Choosing Tomorrow's Children: the ethics of selective reproduction
Professor Stephen Wilkinson, Keele University



10 June Can Morality Effectively Constrain Contemporary War?
Professor Henry Shue, Oxford University


Department of European Languages and Cultures

Department of European languages and Cultures

DELC Research Seminar Series 2008/09 –

13 May Past Modernity? Social-scientific Idioms and the Othering of Society
Andreas Langenohl (Universität Konstanz)

5.00pm, Bowland North seminar Room 13

27 May Structural Violence and Irony in Tomás Gutiérrez Alea's
film Memories of Underdevelopment (Cuba, 1968)
Amit Thakkar (Lancaster University)

Bowland North Seminar Room 13

ALL staff and students welcome



8 – 9 May Nostalgia and Innovation in Twentieth-Century French Music
A two-day symposium at Lancaster University in association
Professor Nigel Simeone, University of Sheffield

Jack Hylton Music Rooms, LICA

A downloadable copy of the registration form is available at: (Registration is free for Lancaster students and staff)

The deadline for registering is Tuesday 31 March 2009. The provisional programme and other details of the symposium are now available on the website.

CeMoRe Seminar

26 May Cultural Hypermobility and Nomadic Identities: towards a theory
of Neo-Nomadism
Anthony D’Andrea, University of Limerick

4.15 – 6pm Venue: IAS, Meeting Room 1

CeMoRe Annual Research Day

27 May

For those of you who have not been involved before, this is an opportunity for Lancaster researchers, working on aspects of mobilities research, to present short papers, make new contacts and develop fresh ideas.

Guest seminar - Eric Laurier (Geography, Edinburgh University) 'Caring in Cars'

Bowland North SR10 from 09.30am

More information about the scope of CeMoRe is at: