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Digital Resources for the Humanities

09/07/2005 16:56:11

Scholars from across the UK and the world are coming together to discuss the impact that computer resources have had on the fields of the Arts and Humanities. The conference is the tenth in the annual series of "Digital Resources for the Humanities" conferences, and this year it will be held at Lancaster University

For many years now digital resources ranging from web archives to virtual research environments have been having an ever-greater effect on the study of subjects ranging from art and music to history and textual analysis.

At the DRH2005 conference, the research community will for the first time focus on changes that this technology has made to how research is done in the humanities.

Across four days of discussion, delegates will address a range of burning questions: what new sorts of research methods have emerged as a result of digital resources? How has the growth in technology and "cyberinfrastructure" changed the face of the arts and humanities?

As well as hearing contributions from eminent invited speakers Lou Burnard (University of Oxford) and Neil Silberman (Ename Center for Public Archaeology and Heritage Presentation, Belgium), delegates to the conference will engage in a busy schedule of paper presentations, exhibitions and debates.