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The Nahaqi Fund - Lunch on 2nd November, 12.00pm, Cartmel Lecture Theatre

11/01/2001 11:03:25

Some of you will know about the cross campus efforts to respond to the humanitarian crisis in and around Afghanistan. For example, thousands of refugees are pouring into Nahaqi hospital in Peshawar, North West Pakistan, and are lacking the basic necessities of life.

The Nahaqi Group is asking that staff at the University support the campus based relief effort.

The group agree that this is a very worthwhile project not only because there is obvious need but also because by working together on this project we foster unity, community and understanding at Lancaster Uni. itself. This is very much needed.

Here are ways you could help:

Cash donations can be given to Stephen Hoyland at the Chaplaincy Centre. Cheques can be made out to The Carolyn Horne Memorial Trust. Nahaqi Hospital. You would have to write small! This money will go directly to Nahaqi hospital and is guaranteed to be used on medicines, food etc. We have an excellent direct link to the hospital in Anne Giradot, a Lancaster woman and member of The Nahaqi Group.

Donate any warm clothing including baby clothes, blankets, duvets, sheets, towels, shoes and sandals in good repair, saucepans, toys, soap, water purification tablets bandages. These are currently being stored in the Chaplaincy Centre.

Join us on November 2nd, 12-2pm, for a lunch in aid of the hospital. It will be in Cartmel Lecture Theatre and will cost three pounds. No doubt we'll have a raffle too!

Look out for other ways of helping.

For more information contact Stephen Hoyland at