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Lectures & Seminars

02/28/2007 10:49:27

Environment & Society Seminar Series 2006/7

The Environment and Society Research Group of LEC invites anyone interested to attend the events listed below. Please contact either James Faulconbridge ( or Gordon Walker ( for further details.

All meetings 16:00-17:30 followed by drinks and early evening meal

2 May The intangible effects of flooding: vulnerability,
resilience and community recovery
Sue Tapsell, Flood Hazard Research Centre
Institute for Advanced Studies MR4

Department of European Languages and Cultures

9 May War, Wounds and Women: The Civil War in
Spanish Films

Dr Mercedes Camino (DELC)
1pm, IAS MR1

23 May Thinking about Genius, mainly in France
Dr Ann Jefferson, FBA (New College, University of Oxford)
5pm, IAS MR3

6 June The novels and poems come unwatched out of
one’s pen’. Towards the Aesthetics of the
Non-Conscious in German Romanticism

Professor Rüdiger Görner (Queen Mary, University of London)
5pm, IAS MR2

All welcome and for further information, please

Centre for Science Studies

Artwork & photography courtesy of Sheila Tilmouth

5-6 June The Social and Material Practices of Agriculture, Farming and Food Production

Vicky Singleton & John Law

Artwork & photography courtesy of Sheila Tilmouth: