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New Staff To Reduce University’s Carbon Footprint

09/28/2007 12:32:30

Jon Mills and Philip Longton get on their bikes for the environment
Jon Mills and Philip Longton get on their bikes for the environment

Two new members of staff have joined Estates to promote the University’s environmental agenda.

Jonathan Mills has been appointed Environment and Sustainability Manager while Philip Longton is the new Environment and Travel Co-ordinator.

Jonathan is 41 and studied Geology, Mineral Exploration and Environmental Assessment and Management at Oxford Brookes University and then at Imperial College, London.

He has worked in environmental management for 15 years, specialising in environmental auditing, environmental management systems, environmental training, environmental impact assessment and contaminated land site investigations for companies in Oxfordshire and Lancashire.

He said: “I have a long standing interest in environmental issues, having been actively involved with local groups such as Friends of the Earth in Lancaster and in Oxford, in particular in campaigns relating to Climate Change. I once wore a wetsuit and rubber ring to highlight changing sea levels!”

“My key initial priorities at the University will be energy, waste and transport. The University is a major energy user with a significant carbon footprint and I will be looking at energy efficiency issues, energy purchasing and renewables generation. In relation to waste I will be looking at boosting recycling and reuse rates at the University.”

He will also be helping to implement the University’s Travel Plan with Philip Longton, the newly appointed Environment and Travel Co-ordinator.

Philip, who is 24 and who attended Ripley St Thomas High School in Lancaster, graduated with a BSc in Geography from Lancaster University in 2004.

“As a Lancaster University graduate and a Lancaster resident, born and bred, I am delighted to have returned to Lancaster University, but this time as a staff member rather than a student.

“I have taken up the post of Environment & Travel Co-ordinator in the Estates Department. It essence, it is my role to develop and implement the University’s sustainable travel and transport policies as well as assisting in the implementation of other environmental initiatives at the University.”

He previously worked for Blackpool Council as their Education Travel Plan Advisor, helping schools and colleges to develop and implement travel plans to reduce the impact of ‘school run’ traffic.

He said: “In my new post at Lancaster,some of my early priorities will include implementing a comprehensive set of cycle parking improvements across campus, improving the marketing and awareness of the University’s various travel promotions and incentives and to implement recommendations arising from the currently ongoing Travel Plan review and forthcoming staff and student travel surveys.”