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Award for Geography Lecturer

05/03/2006 08:52:26

Dr Gordon Clark (Geography) has been awarded the Royal Geographical Society’s Taylor and Francis Award for 2006. This award recognises “excellence in the promotion and practice of teaching and learning geography in higher education”. He will receive the award at the Society’s Annual General Meeting in London on 5 June.

For more than twenty years Dr Clark has been assisting staff improve how they teach Geography – through writing books and articles, and running training courses. He has also helped students learn the subject more effectively through his books such as ‘Geography@University’ and, for those with disabilities and impairments of various types, ‘To a Degree’.

Dr Clark has pioneered Third Mission work in the field of tourism in North West England through the successful Tourism Centre. This group makes academic knowledge available in suitable forms for firms and community groups in the tourism and leisure sectors. He has also helped establish the International Centre for the Uplands – Cumbria. Both these initiatives are designed to improve the competitiveness and economic growth of the region.

He is currently Senior Lecturer in Geography at Lancaster University.