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Staff Prizes

06/25/2004 17:01:46

In the second year of the new extended staff prizes, developed to reward staff for excellence in teaching, research, commercialisation and community work the following staff were commended for outstanding work.

Commercialisation Prizes

Dr Mark Bacon, Biological Sciences

The prize is awarded in recognition of outstanding work in the creation of new and sustainable income streams for the University, in creating opportunities that go beyond traditional university approaches. This has included work with Waitrose leading to opportunities for collaboration of the Solaris project in Blackpool, the proposed Lancaster Science Enterprise Centre, new company start-ups and Knowledge Transfer partnerships.

Joint Prize Dr Frank Cave, Institute for Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development and Dr Malcolm Joyce, Engineering

Frank Cave and Malcolm Joyce are joint prize winners in recognition both of the creation of one of the University's early spin out companies, Hybrid Instruments and their general contribution to our commercial activities. Hybrid Instruments draws on technology developed both at Lancaster and at BAE and BNFL. Examples of their work in Cumbria include environmental and risk aspects of the nuclear industry.

Research Prizes

Dr Awais Rashid, Computing

The prize is awarded for reputational enhancement internationally in respect of the European Network of Excellence in Aspect-Orientated Software Development (AOSD). Lancaster hosted the main international AOSD conference and is now established as the most significant centre in Europe for AOSD.

Dr Paul Fearnhead, Mathematics and Statistics

The prize is based on exceptional quality and substantial impact of research for an individual at the very early stages of a research career, specifically the breadth, depth and volume of the publication record and overall activity in particle filtering and statistical genetics.

Teaching Prizes,

Dr Sharon Bolton Organisation, Work and Technology Undergraduate Teaching

The prize was awarded for a thoughtful approach to choice of teaching methods, a coherent teaching philosophy and willingness to experiment with a variety of assessment methods including 360° assessment.

Dr Paul Coulton Communications Systems Postgraduate Teaching

The prize is based on success in making teaching and learning exciting and relevant, whilst imparting the skills essential for the modern engineer. Courses involve cutting edge technology and practical illustrations are used very effectively to communicate complex material, including for example the application of computer games.

Community Prizes

Mr Tim Holmes Catering and Conferences

The award is based on Mr Holmes’ work with the Shaw Trust, recruiting into long-term employment, and supporting, individuals who are disadvantaged. These efforts and personal commitment over many years with individuals has truly made a difference and genuinely benefited others.

Dr Graham Mort English and Creative Writing

The award is for work displaying extraordinary energy and initiative on the ‘Crossing Borders’ project, a unique educational initiative to promote and develop the work of novice African writers through a UK-based mentoring system. The outreach extends to communities in nine African counties.

Teaching Prizes

Dr Pelham Gore Accounting and Finance

Sir Alistair Pilkington Award (Undergraduate)

The award recognises strength in the area of assessment with evidence of use of a variety of assessment modes, most of which have a formative element; the ability to present sometimes difficult subject matter resulting in consistently good student feedback and a reputation within the Management School as one of its best teachers.

Mr Vernon Pratt Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy

Sir Alistair Pilkington Award (Undergraduate)

This award recognises success in stimulating and challenging generations of students through consistently innovative approaches to teaching. A particular strength is in the area of on-line learning, including the effective use of on-line discussion sites and high quality web page design.