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Lancaster University graduate stars as King Kong

01/03/2006 11:37:17

Lancaster University graduate Andy Serkis hit UK box offices, December 15, playing the title role in Peter Jackson’s remake of the 1933 classic King Kong.

Mr Serkis, who studied visual arts and theatre as a part of his Independent Studies degree at Lancaster University, graduating in 1985, spent many months observing gorillas both in the wild and in captivity in preparation for the role. It followed on from his other high profile role as Gollum in the hugely successful Lord Of the Rings trilogy. Both Gollum and King Kong were created with the assistance of computer-generated imagery.

Mr Serkis has featured in numerous national and international media ranging from the Times to the Independent and BBC online; he has also made appearances on Access Hollywood and on BBC 2’s ‘The Culture Show’.

In an interview with Now Magazine Mr Serkis talked about his experiences of student drama at Lancaster. In particular he singled out his involvement with the production of the play Gotcha by Barrie Keefe. He said it was this experience that led him to choose a career as an actor.

In the Sunday Times Mr Serkis outlined his reasons for having chosen to study at Lancaster University.

He said he chose Lancaster, because he had heard about the strong reputation of the Theatre Studies department but also, in its location near the Lakes, Lancaster offered him the perfect opportunity to pursue another interest, climbing and walking.

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