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Honorary Degrees

11/27/2000 16:35:04

Honorary Degrees will be awarded on Wednesday 6th December 2000 to the following:

3.00pm Congregation

Professor Stephen Sparks - Doctor of Science

Distinguished Physical Volcanologist and Chief Scientist at the Montserrat Volcano Observatory. Government agency adviser on hazard mitigation policy and Chairman of the Scientific Group advising the Governments of Montserrat and the United Kingdom during the volcanic crisis of the Soufriere Hill Volcano, Montserrat (1997-1999).

5.00pm Congregation

Professor Jaroslav Krejci - Doctor of Literature

Distinguished polymath who fled Prague at the end of the Dubcek 'Spring' in 1968 and was welcomed to Lancaster University. Originally an economic planner, he had been imprisoned and restricted by the Communist government for his independent thought. At Lancaster his scholarship and research flourished with many strikingly original publications on social change in history and the contemporary world. He remains energetically creative, frequently visiting the Czech Republic to teach, advise and be honoured by the state.

5.00pm Congregation

Mr Charles Wilson - Master of Arts

Formerly Town Clerk, Director of Development and City Architect for Lancaster, he has made an outstanding contribution to the life of the City, particularly by leading dramatic improvements in its townscape, through the creative restoration and redeployment of its magnificent heritage of older buildings. This has made the City attractive for citizens and businesses, increasing local prosperity, and supporting the success of the University, with whom he has always worked closely and productively.