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Lab opened in memory of Dr Hannaford

12/02/2005 13:37:48

Professor Bahram Honary, Professor Farideh Honary,
Mrs Diana Hannaford, Professor Mary Smyth.

A new undergraduate laboratory has been opened in memory of Dr Colin Hannaford, a Lancaster University Lecturer who dedicated nearly 30 years to teaching students.

His widow Mrs Diana Hannaford officially opened the newly-refurbished laboratory on Friday, December 2, at a ceremony attended by his two children Richard and Clare, along with family friends and University colleagues.

Dr Hannaford, who died in 2000, had a long and distinguished career with Lancaster University where he made a significant contribution to the development of the growing University.

Dr Hannaford, who lived in Arnside, began working in 1971 as a senior lecturer in Engineering. He became head of department in 1978, a position which he retained until 1984. He was also Dean of the School of Engineering, Computing and Mathematical Sciences from 1988 until 1992. He was founder of University of Lancaster Engineering Services , a research and consulting company and Director of ULDECO (University Development Company), LUEL (University Holding Company) and Chairman of MARDIS Ltd another University company.

In 1994 he helped Professor Bahram Honary establish the new Communications Research Centre, which became the Communication Systems Department in 1999.

The new Hannaford Laboratory, situated in the Engineering building, has been refurbished for use by undergraduate students of the Department of Communication Systems.

Head of the Department of Communication Systems Professor Farideh Honary said: “Dr Hannaford gave so much to Lancaster University. The Hannaford laboratory is a gesture of our appreciation for his tremendous impact on both engineering and Communication Systems departments and the thousands of students that he taught over the decades.”