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Lectures and Seminars

12/04/2007 09:47:35

Department of European Languages and Cultures

DELC Research Seminar Series

Lent term:

16 January Countering Historical Amnesia: Children's Memories
in Contemporary Spanish Novels by Women

Sarah Leggott, Victoria University, Wellington, NZ
5pm, IAS MR1

30 January Camus, Certeau, Colonialism
John Strachan, History Department, Lancaster University
5.00pm, IAS MR1

13 February Delirium in the Thought of Maria Zambrano
Bea Caballero, Stirling University
5.00pm, IAS MR1

27 February Genet's aesthetics
Carl Lavery, Theatre Studies, Lancaster University
5.00pm, IAS MR1

12 March The palimpsestic architecture of Williams Sassine’s
Mémoire d’une peau
Charlotte Baker, Lancaster University
5pm, IAS MR1

Summer term:

23 April Survival in Language: Poetry in the State of Exception
Cornelia Grabner, Lancaster University
1.00pm, IAS MR3

7 May Is there a European society (developing)?
Sophie Krossa, Lancaster University
1.00pm IAS MR3

21 May Investigating Students’ Grammatical errors in
Producing and Recognising German Language
Birgit Smith, Lancaster University
1pm, Bowland North SR1

4 June
Class, Politics, and the Construction of Identity
in Gibraltar, 1945-2005
Ghris Grocott, History, Lancaster University
1pm, IAS MR3

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