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Conference of top international Business School experts

08/07/2001 09:24:21

Earlier this month academics from top Business Schools in Spain, France, Germany, USA and Ireland met at Lancaster University Management School to strengthen the International Business Partnership Scheme (IPBS). The 2-day Conference included discussions about the collaborative Management degree and presentations on a range of issues from leading academics - from teaching corporate governance to financial flows into developing countries to hot topics like e-learning.

There was also a presentation from representatives of Tongji University in China who would like to see this innovative scheme extended to the Far East.

The degree scheme developed through the IPBS gives students of well above average ability the opportunity to work and study in two countries over the period of 4-year degree. For Lancaster students, the partners are in France (Reims Management School), Spain (Universidad Pontifica Comillas, ICADE in Madrid) and Germany (Reutlingen Business School). Students usually spend the first two years in Lancaster taking courses in management subjects and the language they plan to study in the last two years.

They also have the chance to work in two organisations on short work placements: in the past companies such as Cartier, Euro Disney, KPMG, Deutshce Telecom, BMW Group, Akatel, BASF, McKinsey's and Adidas have been pleased to accept Lancaster students on this scheme in the UK.

Students spend their last two years in their chosen country for more courses and one longer work placement in a top company. At the end of the four years, they are completely fluent in at least two languages and have had experience of working in three organisations using these two languages. And, to top it all, they are awarded not only the Lancaster BBA Honours in European Management but also a degree from the European University, such as a Diploma in European Management from Reims.

It is not surprising then that graduates from this special degree scheme have moved on to excellent jobs in companies such as McKinsey's, Accenture, Arthur Anderson, Price Waterhouse Coopers, Deutsche Bank, Deloitte & Touche, J P Morgan, British Telecom, Ford and Aldi.

The July Conference in Lancaster brought together the tutors on this programme to plan future activities, to discuss management topics of interest across Europe and to hold the International Jury to finalise course grades for all students taking the programme in whatever country. With the focus of attention during and after the General Election very much on the desirability of joining the Euro, the Conference was perfectly timed to take forward these discussions and to compare notes on common academic and management issues of interest across Europe.

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