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Nuffield Theatre Presentations

04/30/2003 14:47:25

Nuffield Theatre Presentations

"Drip" Thursday 15 May @ 8pm - Tickets £7.50, £4.50

A Community. A water shortage? The annual Cracker Valley Friendly Water Conservation Contest. The hotly -contested prize: a picture in the paper with famous Mayor Pimple himself. A grotesque chorus of spying neighbours have set their minds on winning, but their water-scrimping efforts are foiled by their strange and silent neighbour Ben, who spends hours in the bathtub daydreaming about the German girl next door. But Ben's secret bath-time ritual doesn't sit well with his contest-crazy neighbours. The deeper he falls in love and the deeper he withdraws into his aquatic fantasy world, the more he becomes an obstacle to be removed at all costs.

Written and devised by Attic People, Drip is the story of two tower blocks competing to preserve water in a city struck by drought. It premiered at the Edinburgh Festival in 2002 and went on to win the (anti-perrier) Tap Water Award for Best Physical Theatre. Their show was also one of the main highlights at the recent National Student Drama Festival in Scarborough, winning the Sunday Times Award for Best Ensemble.

Also coming to The Nuffield Theatre

"Nothing to declare" Thursday 8 May @ 8pm, Tickets £7.50, £4.50

An obsessive interior designer travels through a middle-eastern war zone looking for inspiration; think Carol Smiley stranded in the West Bank, think Lawrence Llewellyn Bowen forlorn in Baghdad, think crisis chic? Her lorry jack-knifes on a desert highway, supplies run out, and all of a sudden, she is centre stage in the exact scenario she hoped to exploit. Savagely surreal, cutting edge satire, fusing visual, lyrical and physical performance.

Presented by Point Blank (In association with Martin Sutherland).

For tickets for both events call the Box Office on freephone 0800 028 3042