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£100,000 for Peter Scott Gallery

04/18/2002 17:53:40

Over £100,000 has been received through fundraising for the Peter Scott Gallery.

The money has been raised in connection with the new Peter Scott Gallery Trust, which will own the Irene Manton Collection, presently owned by the University.

It is hoped that the money will be the foundation of an Endowment Fund so that interest accrued can be used to financially support the Gallery.

The fund could enable work to be purchased to enhance the existing collection (the gallery currently has no purchase fund), or to provide educational/outreach work, making the collections and exhibitions more accessible to a wider audience.

Director of Peter Scott Gallery, Mary Gavagan said: "£100,000 is an excellent foundation on which to base our long-term target of £500,000. The gallery has received generous support from individual friends and supporters, a number of local charities and University Alumni".