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Lancaster achieves excellent academic record

01/07/2003 14:05:09

Lancaster University is 1 of only 5 Universities to have an excellent academic record and also meeting participation targets - according to an article in the Daily Telegraph today (Wednesday 18th December).

According to Higher Education Funding Council figures almost a quarter of students who enrol on university courses leave without ever taking their degree, and although some students move to other institutions or switch to sub-degree courses, approximately 50,000 dropped out altogether without anything to show for the experience.

Lancaster has been highlighted as one of the few universities to attract and retain students. Other universities which stood out were Warwick, York, Loughborough and Sheffield.

Professor Paul Wellings Lancaster University Vice-Chancellor said;

?We work very hard to attract students from all backgrounds, and we also have processes to ensure, that once here, all those students stay on to graduate from Lancaster

?According to the latest government data we have managed to attract well above the average number of students from state schools (88% against 82%) and we have been able to retain them.?