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Dignity at Work

06/22/2005 09:28:40

Lancaster University Management School is hosting a prestigious event exploring the idea of ‘dignity’ in the workplace.

The workshop, coordinated by Dr Sharon Bolton, Director of the University’s Human Resource and Knowledge Management Programme, has attracted an audience of important local and national stakeholders involved in creating and maintaining dignity at work for people in the UK.

The Mayor of Lancaster will attend the workshop (Friday, June 24th) along with a number of noted speakers. These include:

Niall Cooper, National Coordinator, Church Action on Poverty

Professor Andrew Sayer, Professor of Social Theory and Political Economy, Lancaster University

Catherine May, Livelihoods Project Officer, Oxfam UK Poverty Programme

David Hardy, IBM, Business Partner Manager for the North

Professor Bill Doolin, Professor of Management, Auckland University of Technology

Mandy Telford, Dignity at Work Project Coordinator, AMICUS

The event is part of the national ESRC (Economic and Social Research Council) social science week. It also marks the beginning of an important ESRC-funded research project that seeks to ascertain how people derive dignity from their work and in what conditions.

The research will explore dignity in work, linked with the notion of ‘good work’ and dignity at work linked with how we are perceived and valued as a person in the workplace.

It is hoped that the findings of the research will offer new insights to business leaders and policy makers and ultimately enable improvements to be made in people's working lives.

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