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Guantanamo Chaplain Speaking at Lancaster

11/14/2007 15:55:40

28 November 2007,George Fox Lecture Theatre 1, 16.30-18.00

The US Army Muslim chaplain serving at GuantanamoBay who was wrongfully arrested on charges of aiding the Taliban and Al-Qaeda is set to speak at Lancaster University.

Army Chaplain James Yee will give a public talk reflecting on his experiences when he visits Lancaster University’s George Fox Lecture Theatre between 4.30pm and 6pm on 28th November, 2007. All are welcome.

Lancaster University Professor Cynthia Weber has recently completed a short film about Chaplain James Yees story. The film is one of a series of ten short films exploring what it means to be an American Citizen post 9/11.

Chaplain Yee’s visit forms part of the University’s Institute for Advanced Sciences Annual research programme – New Sciences of Protection: Designing Safe Living.