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International Philosopher to present talk at the University - Saturday 20th April

04/17/2002 10:27:03

Internationally renowned philosopher Arnold Berleant from Long Island University is to present a talk on Saturday 20th April at the University entitled 'Aesthetics in Place'. The seminar is part of a series of Saturday seminars on a theme of 'Thinking about the Environment' which is organised by the Institute for Environment, Philosophy and Public Policy. The seminar will be of particular interest to anyone who is concerned about environmental questions and who would like to engage in learning and discussion together.

Professor Berleant is a Professor (Emeritus) of Philosophy at Long Island University and Immediate Past President of the International Association of Aesthetics. He is the author of books and articles in philosophy, particularly in aesthetics, environmental aesthetics, and ethics.

The seminar is to be held at 10.00am in the Furness College Senior Common Room on campus. There is no charge or registration requirement and coffee will be available!



Among the many meanings of place, one aspect that is often overlooked is its aesthetic dimension. Involving an engagement of the conscious body with a physical location, the aesthetic is not only a factor in the experience of place but is always present as one of its essential features. The idea of a sacred place will help identify place as an aesthetic field. In addition to its bearing on the understanding of place, the aesthetic also has important implications for constructing place.

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