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Furness gets ready to party

11/10/2000 13:47:12

Furness College, the fifth college to be established at Lancaster University, celebrated its 30th anniversary on Saturday 11th November. The day of events included bar sports, a football match and tours of the gallery, Ruskin Library and residences.

A celebration dinner followed and dancing to the Urchins, Abba salute, leafeater and college DJs.

Furness was established in 1968 and the main college building, planned around a single quadrangle, was completed in 1970.

The main building was officially opened on November 14th 1970, by Mr W D Opher. Like the other undergraduate colleges it is named after a region of Lancashire, the Furness region to the north of Morecambe Bay.

The founder principal of Furness College was Professor Phillip Reynolds, Lancaster's second Vice Chancellor.

Furness College principal Janet Clements said: "Colleges are part of the warp and weft of the university providing students with a smaller community with which to identify within the whole."

"The colleges play a crucial role in the personal and social development of students with opportunities to develop their social, personal, sporting, communication and political skills whilst at the same time providing the support and friendship to enable them to achieve their potential."

"Furness College has an active social, sporting and cultural life with a strong tradition of an energetic junior common room and an active and supportive senior common room."

"Furness offers friendship, fun and fulfilment. Everywhere else is nowehere!"